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Portable Appliance Testing (commonly known as PAT or PAT Inspection or PAT Testing) is a process by which electrical appliances are routinely checked for safety. The correct term for the whole process is In-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment.

PAT Testing or portable appliance testing is an important part of any health & safety policy. The Health and Safety Executive states that 25% of all reportable electrical accidents involve portable appliances. The Electricity at Work Regulations place a legal responsibility on employers, employees and self-employed persons to comply with the provisions of the regulations and take reasonably practicable steps to ensure that no danger results from the use of such equipment. This in effect requires the implementation of a systematic and regular program of maintenance, inspection and testing. Read more about our PAT Testing services here…

Portable appliance testing

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance is essential as the Fire Precautions (Workplace) Regulations 1997 (as amended in 1999) requires virtually all employers to carry out a fire risk assessment of their workspace in order to identify, reduce or eliminate any fire hazards that may be found in that workspace.

Fire Extinguisher testing is not only essential but is also a legal requirement, even if a fire certificate has been issued for the premises. Read more about our Fire Extinguisher Maintenance services here…

fire extinguisher maintenance

Legionella Risk Assessments are carried out by competent, fully trained assessors who carry UKAS 17020 Accreditation for Legionella Risk Assessment and fully understand the water systems in your premises.

Legionella Risk Assessments

The Assessment will identify if the water systems in your premises are a high risk of being contaminated by Legionella Bacteria. A particularly high-risk environment is one where airborne water droplets are present these include: Showers, wet humidifiers, jacuzzies, vehicle wash systems and cooling towers. All commercial and public premises require a Legionella Risk Assessment but not all environments will need control measure implemented. You can find out more about Legionella Risk Assessments by visiting the dedicated page here. Read more about our Legionella Risk Assessments here…

FTS Safety Solutions deliver a Fire Alarm testing service in association with a local fire company who specialise in all types of fire alarm systems, fire detection and automatic extinguishing systems. They are a British Standard approved company of assessed capability and have third party accreditation in compliance with the BAFE scheme.

A correctly designed and working fire alarm system will give enough warning to save lives and hopefully allow fire fighters enough time to limit property damage. Periodic testing, backed up by regular user checks will ensure that the system is always protecting people and property. Over time, smoke detectors become less sensitive, standby batteries in control panels become weak and general faults can develop. Read more about our Fire Alarm Testing services here…

fire alarm testing

Fixed Wire Testing, which is also referred to as Electrical Installation Condition Survey, is the examination and testing of the circuits contained within the fabric of a client’s building. This includes the socket outlets, lighting circuits and various other circuits. Electrical Inspection and Testing is an integral part of a comprehensive safety programme (both Fixed Wire and PAT Testing).

If you’re concerned about electrical safety at your place of work, are in need of advice or require a quotation for Fixed Wire Testing, then don’t hesitate to contact us. Read more about our Fixed Wire Testing services here…

fixed wire testing

Emergency lighting is primarily intended to provide sufficient illumination to enable people to see their way safely out of a building in cases of emergency.

FTS Safety Solutions Ltd offer a full test and maintenance service on emergency lighting and all visits will be issued with a full maintenance test report. Read more about our Emergency Lighting Inspections here…

emergency lighting inspections

One of the major difficulties when trying to identify problems within electrical systems is the danger associated with the electrical hazard.

Thermal imaging allows the equipment to be live and to be able to identify any problems or anomalies within the system without extra risk to the individual. Read more about our Thermal Imaging Surveys here…

Thermal Imaging Surveys

FTS Safety Solutions are able to offer a fully comprehensive Fire Warden Training course covering all aspects of fire safety in the workplace.

Our Fire Warden Training covers fire safety management, practical use of fire equipment, evacuation techniques, active and passive fire protection information. Read more about our Fire Warden Training here…

fire warden training web

FTS Safety Solutions provide Fire Door Inspections.

Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 Fire doors should be inspected and maintained at least annually.

For Heavy Usage areas an inspection is required every 6 months. Heavy Usage areas are places like hospitals, schools and other public areas that have a large amount of foot fall.

Read more about Fire Door Inspections by clicking here…

fire door inspections


Microwave ovens provide a convenient and safe way of heating and cooking a variety of foods and liquids.

These appliances are more commonly used in areas such as staff rest rooms and kitchens found in the workplace, but are occasionally used for a limited number of operations (e.g. melting, defrosting and heating of certain solids or liquids) within a laboratory environment. We offer our customers – to compliment the PAT test – the option of the additional service of having a ‘Microwave Leakage and Interlock’ inspection.

This inspection and testing of the unit involves the measurement of the radiation levels around the oven using a microwave detection instrument to ensure compliance with the 5 mW/cm2 limit. Read more about our Commercial Microwave Oven Testing here…

microwave oven testing

Any landlord who lets residential accommodation which includes flats, apartments, houses, holiday homes, boats and caravans as a business activity is required by law to ensure the electrical appliances they supply as part of the tenancy are regularly PAT tested and safe. Read more about our PAT Testing for Landlords service here…

PAT Testing for Landlords

We have a specialist department dealing specifically with PAT testing for artists, bands and DJ’s. Throughout the UK, more and more venues are insisting that acts have their equipment tested regularly and frequently ask to see up-to-date documentation.

We provide a no-nonsense service for entertainers with engineers who have over 25 years’ experience in the professional music business, so we understand music equipment, what it is used for and how it is used. We also provide all the relevant documentation including certificates and our testing procedures are compliant with national standards. Read more about our PAT Testing for Entertainers services here…

pat testing for entertainers

Cable Management refers to an important step during the installation of equipment or the existing equipment of providing a means to tidily secure electrical, data and other cables.

The term is often used to refer to the products used for the purpose of managing cables or to the workmanship carried out to cables whilst being installed.

Cable management is important in many fields, such as IT, communications, power distribution, facility wiring, local area networks, etc. Read more about our Cable Management services here…

cable management

FTS Safety Solutions, in association with local Health and Safety advisors, are able to provide risk assessments which are an important step in protecting your workers and your business, as well as complying with the law.

It helps you focus on the risks that really matter in your workplace – the ones with the potential to cause harm. Read more about our Risk Assessment services here…

risk assessments

Our health and safety induction and refresher online courses combine validated information with our proven e-learning expertise.

With a choice of an IOSH (Institute of Occupational Safety and Health) approved course or our own in-house course for both induction and refresher, there is something for all needs and budgets, meeting fully your health and safety training requirements. Read more about our Health and Safety Induction and Refresher Courses here…

Health and Safety Induction and Refresher Courses

The aim of the Fire Awareness Training is to be engaging, to make people more fire-aware, so they realise just how readily and how fast fires develop.

By utilising this approach we find delegates will modify their behaviours in an emergency situation. The training will vary depending on the size of the company and the inherent risks within the workplace. Read more about our Fire Awareness Training here…

fire awareness training web