PAT Testing for University Students

It’s that time of year, the academic year is starting to wind down and many new students are beginning to prepare for their first year at University. Once the excitement of getting a place starts to wear off a little, you will probably be compiling a list of all the things you will need to take with you.

PAT Testing for University StudentsPAT Testing for University Students

Among the list of clothes, stationary, documentation and essential items for academia. There are the home comforts to consider; items no self-respecting student can be without. Most students will plan on taking a laptop and printer along with a mobile phone and various chargers, and more than likely a TV and games console too. Not forgetting the more personal electrical items such as hairdryers, straighteners and beard trimmers. Then we move into the kitchen; we all remember how much use the sandwich toaster got! When compiling your University list, it may be foremost in mind to make sure you have all your documentation such as passport and other ID ready to take with you, it probably won’t cross your mind that any electrical items you are taking will need to be deemed ‘safe to use’ under University Health and Safety legislation.

The best, and easiest way to do this is with PAT testing (portable appliance testing) and in fact many Universities state in their contracts that it is required for those living in Student Halls. Most of the larger universities tend to have either an onsite tester or will hire a company like us, to come in to do the portable appliance testing in all student rooms. However, the cost of this is passed to the student who has no say in who does the testing and what the prices are.

Uni students can save money, while still complying with the requirements of the University by having their appliances tested before they go.  The saving, will of course vary depending on which University you are going to, it may be that the larger ones are able to get a lower price due to the number of appliances being tested.

It is worth exploring the options, to see if it’s worthwhile having your appliances tested before you go! If you have any questions about PAT testing for students, give us a call on 0330 6600264 or email us on [email protected]

Until next time, stay safe!

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