PAT Testing for Care Homes

PAT Testing for Care Homes is the responsibility of the “duty holder”. As well as regular PAT Testing a schedule of visual inspections should be implemented; plugs, cables, sockets and appliance casings should be checked regularly for signs of wear or damage.

PAT Testing for Care HomesPAT Testing for Care Homes

Care Homes, like hotels, have a higher than usual demand on electrical equipment. There are the personal items that each client or resident may have in their room, hairdryers, phone chargers and TV’s to name but a few. These need to be PAT tested as each new resident arrives at the care home. Also in each room, there is likely to be equipment such as an orthopaedic bed. This equipment is vital to the well-being and comfort of residents and must be kept in good working order at all times.

All portable electrical items in the kitchen, such as kettles, toasters, food processors and microwaves should be tested, not only to ensure the safety of anyone using them, but also to keep breakdowns to a minimum in order to maintain service levels. Care Homes usually have communal areas for watching TV or listening to music etc, these items should also be PAT tested. Some Care Homes also offer hairdressing facilities to their residents. Hairdryers, straighteners and heated rollers, if being used on the premises, should also be tested for electrical safety.

PAT Testing for Care Homes does not need to be an expensive, laborious task. A simple Testing schedule can be created with a rota of both visual inspections and PAT Testing. At FTS Safety Solutions we offer a complete safety solution for Care Homes. We can devise your PAT Test schedule and offer complimentary services such as Commercial Microwave Testing, Fire Extinguisher Servicing, Emergency Lighting Inspections, Fixed Wire Testing and Fire Alarm Maintenance. We even have a free reminder service that will advise you when each element of your health and safety testing is due.

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