How to Conduct Regular Emergency Lighting Tests

At FTS Safety Solutions we offer full Emergency Lighting Inspections, usually annually. However, you should be also running routine tests in between Inspections. But what do they involve and how often do you need to test the emergency lights?

How to Conduct Regular Emergency Lighting TestsHow to Conduct Regular Emergency Lighting Tests

There is quite a lot of differing advice available online, here is what we recommend:

Daily: Visually check the Emergency Lighting works.

Monthly: Check all Emergency lights illuminate, check the casings are clean and undamaged and make sure they illuminate correctly. To do this you will need to turn the mains electricity off, which will simulate a power failure and should trigger the emergency lights to activate. Ensure the emergency lights do in fact light up and give a clear indication as to the correct evacuation path.

6 Monthly: Carry out a check as per the monthly one advised above but this time leave the system active i.e. the electricity supply turned off for one third of the rated duration.

Annually: Call FTS Safety Solutions to conduct a full emergency lighting inspection.

Why you need to conduct regular emergency lighting tests

Emergency Lighting is designed to illuminate a safe exit path for occupants should the mains power fail. This could be because of a fire, flood or another emergency.

As with all safety equipment for example the fire extinguishers we can become “blind” to the emergency lighting. It is important emergency lighting is tested regularly, as should you need to rely on it, that will be a very bad time to find out it isn’t working correctly!

The BS 5266-1:2016 standard gives detailed guidance on the application and practice of emergency lighting. If you have any queries regarding your obligations as a “duty holder” or would like further advice on emergency lighting please contact us on 0330 6600264 or email [email protected]

Until next time, stay safe!

Andrew Mitchell.

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