How to Complete User Checks On Everyday Electrical Equipment

Electricity, especially in the workplace can be very dangerous. According to the Health and Safety Executive, around 1000 workplace accidents involving burns or electric shocks are reported every year. Approximately 30 of these are fatal, usually involving direct contact with power cables.

How to Complete User Checks On Everyday Electrical EquipmentHow to Complete User Checks On Everyday Electrical Equipment

Employees that use equipment without completing a basic electrical safety check are at risk of a nasty electric shock and possibly other indirect injuries as a result. For example, an employee using faulty equipment whilst working on a ladder may then suffer a fall.

Injury is not the only risk; faulty electrical appliances can also cause fires resulting in damage to the work environment and in serious cases even loss of life. You can see how educating your employees to complete a few basic electrical safety checks before using equipment is of the utmost importance.

The Health and Safety Executive suggest that employees should be educated to check the following before using electrical equipment.

Before connecting the equipment to a power supply, employees should check for;

  • Any damage to the cable, including cuts or fraying.
  • Damage to the outer casing of the plug or bent pins
  • Any taped together joints
  • Coloured wires visible at the end of the cable where it joins the plug
  • Loose parts, screws or damage to the outer cover of any equipment
  • Burn marks or staining on the plug lead or equipment itself that might indicate overheating
  • Equipment that has been stored away, especially if it may have been stored in damp or dusty conditions
  • cables trapped under furniture or in floor boxes

There is no need to be an electrician to carry out an inspection, given a small amount of training on basic electrical safety knowledge, all employees will be able to carry out a visual inspection making the workplace environment safer for everyone.

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