At FTS Safety Solutions we know how difficult it can be to remember exactly when your safety testing is due. To help you ensure that you are compliant with warranties and legislation, FTS offer a reminder service to let know when testing or servicing is due. This is a completely free service and can be cancelled at any time… and no you don’t have to be an existing customer to take advantage of this service.

Health and Safety Reminder Service

Health and Safety Reminder Service

Reminders are available for:

Smoke Alarms – Test and battery replacement

Fire Extinguishers – Annual servicing

Carbon Dioxide Alarms – Test battery replacement

Emergency Lighting Inspections – Annual or 6 monthly check

PAT Testing – The schedule for PAT will depend on your insurance policy or internal policy there are no mandatory time limits to retest. We do however, strongly advise if your electrical equipment is in regular or constant use or if you have moved offices it is a good idea to arrange for a new PAT test. A lot of our clients are on annual or bi-annual schedules. If you are unsure what schedule to choose, speak to our health and safety testing experts for specific advice for your business.

Fixed Wire Testing – depends on the premises and the use. It is best to discuss this service with us. Don’t worry we can still remind you when your fixed wire test is due.

Fire Alarm Maintenance – it is good practice to maintain your fire alarm every 6 months.

Thermal Imaging Survey – when we perform the first of these surveys we can advise on a continuous schedule.

To sign up for one or more of these reminders, simply complete the short form below and we will be in touch to ask for your reminder dates and give advice on any schedules you are unsure of.


Health and Safety Reminder Service Terms & Conditions

The information you provide is protected by the Data Protection Act. FTS Safety Solutions will not share your information with a third party. Your details will be kept and used to send you a timely reminder that one or more (however many you sign up for) of the above health and safety testing is due. If applicable we will offer to quote for that service.

Disclaimer: Whilst every effort will be made to ensure reminders are on time and ongoing, technical and human errors do occur. For this reason, FTS does not advise that you rely solely on this service. Please ensure that you maintain your own reminder diary for testing for all your safety equipment.

The reminder service can be cancelled at any time simply email [email protected]