Fire suppression systems for commercial kitchens are a sophisticated method of extinguishing fires. There are several types of systems and products, which are for use in a specific location or on a specific type of fire. Different components may be used individually or can be combined for the utmost in fire safety within the kitchen. The most common brand is the ANSUL system.

Ansul Fire Suppression Systems

The ANSUL fire suppression system is a fully automatic self-contained fire system that protects not only the appliances but also staff and the property. Deep fat fryers are the main fire risk and when these ignite the flames quickly travel through greasy filters and set fire to the grease lined canopy.

ANSUL systems protect more food service kitchens from fire than any other brand. They incorporate a flexible design with an extremely effective liquid agent which quickly knocks down flames and cools hot surfaces while forming a layer of soap-like foam on the surface of the fat that helps prevent re-flash.

Fire Suppression System Servicing

Fire Suppression System for Commercial Kitchens

A fire suppressant system is designed to protect areas associated with ventilating equipment, including hoods, ducts and filters. It also protects auxiliary grease extraction equipment and cooking equipment such as the various types of fryers, griddles and range tops, even woks. The system is ideally suited for commercial kitchens in fast food chains, catering facilities, mobile food trucks, hotels and hospitals and many more.

Fire suppression systems are cooking equipment friendly and are generally offered in two designs: Appliance – specific and Overlapping:

  • the appliance – specific design aims the nozzles at the specific hazard areas of each appliance
  • the overlapping design, the nozzles are arranged to overlap and provide a “fire-free zone” throughout a group of appliances.


Most systems are designed so that the only components that are visual are the storage tanks which are usually housed in stylish stainless-steel cabinets and are installed high up towards the ceiling with most of the pipework running above the ceiling or ventilation system.

Fire Suppression System Servicing

All fire suppression systems are serviced on a bi-annual basis which ensures that you are meeting the system requirements and, subsequently, ensures you are conforming to your insurance providers requirements. The service comprises of a full inspection and test to ensure it still has the capability to discharge. In addition to ensuring the system will fire, the engineer will also look at whether the system is still covering the appropriate risks. Upon completion of the service, a report will be produced specifying whether the system is appropriate for the risks or whether further works are required.

Once the system reaches 10 years old, it must be given an overhaul. This is a specific requirement to comply with British Standards. If this requirement is not satisfied, the system may not work when required to do so or, even worse, cause an injury to someone when the system is fired.

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