Fire safety in commercial, public and in some cases domestic buildings (HMOs see landlord responsibilities) are a mandatory legal requirement. To complement our range of Fire Extinguishers, we have a selection of additional Fire Safety Accessories available to our clients:

fire safety accessories fire blanketsFire Blankets

Fire blankets can be used on fires involving combustible cooking media or in instances where a person’s clothing has caught fire or protect yourself if you need to escape a burning building. Fire Blankets are a must for all Kitchens both domestic and commercial. A pan or hob fire can be safely dealt with in seconds and remember to turn off the heat source and allow the item to cool before removing the blanket.

Fire Blankets are extremely easy to use and offer a fast and effective means of fighting fires and should be used differently depending on what type of fire they are being used on. They are cost-effective and efficient and are still a popular choice for deep fat fires.

fire safety accessories standFire Extinguisher Stands

Fire Extinguishers need to be positioned where they can be easily seen by people following an escape route, in a permanent position so that they are not misplaced or used as doorstops. This could be near to room exits, corridors, stairways and landings. This is to discourage people to move back into the building towards the danger to find an extinguisher. Extinguishers should be wall mounted in a fixed position however sometimes this is not possible and Fire Extinguisher stands are an alternative solution.

Stands have several benefits over wall fixing including no damage to walls, removes the risk of an extinguisher being torn out of the wall by passing trolleys etc. They can easily be re-positioned to accommodate a changing office layout and also enable building occupants to spot when an extinguisher is missing.

We offer two types of stand, the first is of a moulded plastic construction, and the second is a metal tubular stand both of which are available as a single and a double space.

fire safety accessories cabinetExtinguisher Cabinets

Fire Extinguisher cabinets are ideal for protecting fire extinguishers against being tampered with, moved, misused or even damaged. We supply both single and double cabinets, which are designed for internal or external use.

In the event of a fire it needs to be clear where the fire-fighting equipment is, these red fire extinguisher cabinets are easy to spot in an emergency.

In addition, we can supply vehicle fire extinguisher cabinets which have been specifically designed for use on lorries, vans or trucks. They not only offer a secure storage space but also easy access and prevents the extinguisher from being damaged.

fire safety accessories coversFire Extinguisher Covers

Fire Extinguisher covers are ideal for preventing misuse and damage by simply placing the cover over the extinguisher and can be taken off in a matter of seconds, the cover then protects the extinguisher from dust and other deteriorating factors, knocks, theft and misuse.

The covers are designed to be easily removed from an extinguisher in the event of a fire, so there can be no worries that they will slow a user down in the event of a fire.

The fire extinguisher covers have large viewing windows so that the type of extinguisher can easily be recognised.

Ordering Fire Safety Accessories

To order any of the above Fire Safety Accessories simply call us on 0330 6600264  or email [email protected]