Fire Extinguisher Servicing FAQs

We receive a number of queries regarding fire extinguisher servicing, everything from which one should you choose for your environment through to what servicing schedule are you on. Below is a selection of the most asked questions, however, if you have a query that hasn’t been answered below then please call us on 0330 6600264 or email [email protected]

Which fire extinguisher do you recommend?
Can you refill extinguishers and do you sell extinguishers that can be re-filled?
Where can I store the extinguishers and how do I fit extinguishers to the wall?
Is it necessary to have your own fire extinguisher when exhibiting at a trade show?
In a new building can I choose which extinguishers I want to install?
What height should extinguishers be installed at?
Which type of extinguisher is suitable for use at home?
What type of fire extinguisher should a landlord have for tenants?
I have a 2kg Carbon Dioxide fire extinguisher, which is out of date. What should I do?