Fire Extinguisher Servicing FAQs

We receive a number of queries regarding fire extinguisher servicing, everything from which one should you choose for your environment through to what servicing schedule are you on. Below is a selection of the most asked questions, however, if you have a query that hasn’t been answered below then please call us on 0330 6600264 or email [email protected]

Which fire extinguisher do you recommend?
 It depends from the circumstances as no single type of extinguisher is totally effective on every kind of fire. So before buying a fire extinguisher, it is vital to look carefully at what type of fire it has to be used on.
Can you refill extinguishers and do you sell extinguishers that can be re-filled?
Some extinguishers are fully serviceable and can be re-filled, however in accordance to the British Standards, Powder, Foam and Water extinguishers must be re-filled after 5 years. A Carbon Dioxide (CO2) extinguisher must be pressure tested and re-filled every 10 years.

We not only service all types of extinguisher but we are able to supply and fit any extinguisher suitable for your needs.

Where can I store the extinguishers and how do I fit extinguishers to the wall?
All our fire extinguishers come with the brackets to fit them to a wall. We can also supply extinguisher cabinets and stands to ensure that extinguishers clearly stand out and can always be located. It is also routine procedure to have fire blankets fixed to a wall. 
Is it necessary to have your own fire extinguisher when exhibiting at a trade show?
This will depend on the show, as the show organisers may request that you have your own fire extinguisher for your stand but it is all dependent on the risk assessment that will have been carried out for the event by the organisers.
In a new building can I choose which extinguishers I want to install?
The red fire extinguishers are manufactured and kite-marked to British Standard EN3. The chrome units are not manufactured to the British standard but are still CE marked. There is no requirement for new buildings to only install the red extinguishers however there may have a clause in your insurance policy saying that you need extinguishers manufactured to BS EN3 and installed according to BS5306, in which case you would be required to install the red units. 
What height should extinguishers be installed at?
The height at which to install extinguishers depends on the total weight of that particular extinguisher. If the weight of the extinguisher is less than 4kg, the top of the handle should be 1.5m above ground level when installed. If the mass weight is more than 4kg, the top of the handle should be 1.0m above ground level. When there is a combination of the two, both can be set at the height of the heaviest extinguisher. 
Which type of extinguisher is suitable for use at home?
We would usually suggest an ABC Powder extinguisher or a water mist extinguisher for mixed risk environments. However an ABC Powder extinguisher is NOT suitable for deep fat fryers, a fire blanket in the kitchen would be alternative option. 
What type of fire extinguisher should a landlord have for tenants?
In an average sized rental property it is advisable for a landlord to provide the tenant with a fire blanket for the kitchen and a small portable fire extinguisher such as a 2 Litre Foam or 3 Litre Water with additive to cover the rest of the property. 
I have a 2kg Carbon Dioxide fire extinguisher, which is out of date. What should I do?
CO2 extinguishers can be refurbished after 10 years, which involves stripping the paint, pressure testing the cylinder and then refilling the extinguisher. It is usually cheaper to buy a new one.