Fire Door Surprise

A few weeks ago, I arrived at a client’s site to install some new fire extinguishers, while I was unloading the extinguishers a gentleman from a neighbouring business came and spoke to me.

Fire Door Surprise

Fire Door Surprise

He asked me if we were able to inspect and certificate fire doors, fortunately I was able to say yes, as we have a member of staff who is a FDIS approved inspector and that is what he does every day. However, I was not prepared for what happened next, I was invited into the workshop behind me, which I assumed was going to be the property due for inspection and he would like to show me his requirements to give me the opportunity to provide a quotation.

As I walked into the workshop, I was led to where there was a number of wooden doors. He then asked me to certificate the doors which were still in production. I was a little taken back and explained that there is no way I can certificate doors still in production, they can only be inspected once they have been installed as we have to check things like: seals, gaps, hinges and ironmongery.

Fire Door Inspection

The potential client told me that he was installing the doors in a few days time and I explained that he would need to fit the doors, then call us to arrange the onsite survey and inspection.  A few days later we received an email to ask us to come and do the inspection, so I arranged for our inspector to visit the premises. Shortly after 9 am on the day of the inspection, I receive a call from my inspector, he was almost laughing but you could tell he was annoyed, I was told that the doors had been fitted but there was no ironmongery, handles, locks or door closers on the doors, two or three didn’t even have the glass fitted. We had to abort the inspection and explained that once everything has been completed, to call the office to confirm and we will attend site again on a specific date, but this call to the office never happened.


I got another call this time from the project manager of the building refurbishment. He was a little short on the phone, wanting to know why we had not arrived to carry out the inspection, I explained that we were awaiting a call from the original client who was going to confirm that everything was ready for the inspection. This did calm the person down, as he was not aware of that, so we rearranged the day to complete the inspection. Once we completed the inspection, we provided a full report and a copy of each door certificate, so although there were a few minor hiccups with the arrangements, we finally had another satisfied customer for a reasonably new service that we offer.

Alarming Stats

Recently it was Fire Door Safety week, which a survey carried out at that time highlighted that 60% of business owners or duty holders are not aware of how often a fire door should be inspected, 25% did not know how long a standard fire door would give them to escape during a blaze, and surprisingly 30% of persons asked thought that a fire door only had to be checked when they had a Fire risk assessment. Finally, 12% of persons surveyed thought that the fire doors being inspected is the responsibility of the occupier, when it is actually the responsibility of the landlord and or business owner.

Inspect Your Fire Doors

Fire doors play an extremely important role in ensuring compartmentation of a building, enabling occupants to escape or be safe in the event of a fire.

Regular inspections, at least six monthly, are vital to ensure the lifesaving properties of a fire door are retained and smoke, toxic gases and fire are not able to enter the space within a given timeframe. The doors can only do this effectively if they are fully maintained, to ensure they are fit for purpose we recommend a Fire Door Inspection to book an inspection please call on 0330 6600264 or email us on [email protected]

Until next time, stay safe…

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