FTS Safety Solutions Ltd are approved installers for Fireco Safety Products.  These products are a smart way to keep fire doors open while complying with the relevant Fire and Building Regulations.

Open fire doors can improve access and ventilation within a building, however wedging fire doors open is both dangerous and illegal. We can provide alternative, safe solutions to these problems, as well as additional innovations that alert deaf and hard of hearing people when an alarm sounds

We offer different Fire door safety solutions which:

  • Fire Door Safety Productskeep fire doors open legally and safely, allowing them to close on the sound of an alarm
  • keep fire doors open at any angle – no more unsafe rubber wedges


The products that Fireco supply:

  • are compliant with the relevant Fire and Building Regulations, thereby avoiding penalties.
  • provide an accessible and inclusive environment and improve ventilation.
  • prevent the spread of fire as fire doors close automatically when the alarm sounds.


The benefits of these products are different and can depend on the sector they are used in e.g. Healthcare, Workplace, Hospitality and Education:

Healthcare Benefits

  • Easier access for stretchers, wheelchairs and other equipment
  • Patients that are bedbound do not feel isolated behind a closed door


Workplace Benefits

  • Easier access for employees carrying heavy items or hot food and drink
  • Easier access for employees with reduced mobility
  • Improved ventilation throughout the building for a more comfortable work environment


Hospitality Benefits

  • Easier access for guests with luggage or staff with trays and trolleys
  • Improved ventilation, particularly useful in hot kitchens or busy function rooms


Education Benefits

  • Doors can be kept open, improving access during busy times
  • SmartSound technology means the door units are not triggered by background noise including end of lesson bells – perfect in a school environment


Fire Door Safety Products

More importantly all Fireco products that FTS Safety Solutions install are compliant with the relevant Fire and Building regulations.


Dorgard is a wireless fire door retainer that holds open fire doors, they will automatically close on the sound of the fire alarm.

Dorgard enables you to legally and safely keep fire doors open, they automatically close when a fire alarm sounds, preventing the spread of fire and smoke. They are installed onto the bottom of the fire door in under five minutes and listens for a continuous fire alarm of 14 seconds or more before triggering and closing.

Dorgard Pro

Dorgard Pro is a fire door retainer which holds open fire doors legally, they automatically close when an alarm is activated. It has a separate transmitter which can be directly connected to a fire alarm panel.

Fire Door Safety Products

This fire door retainer requires a professional installation and can also be integrated with an intruder alarm or lockdown system.

The benefits of the Dorgard Pro:

  • They come with a five-year warranty
  • They can be fitted to heavy doors
  • They recognise the sound of your alarm, so is perfect for noisy environments
  • They are fitted with a “fit and forget” battery with a five-year life
  • And more importantly they are carpet friendly


How Dorgard Pro Works: 

  • They have wireless technology and battery powered
  • Fire doors can be held open at any angle
  • The device responds when alarm is activated
  • Can be activated by the sound of your alarm or wired directly into a fire panel
  • As soon as the alarm is activated, the plunger is released, the door will close
  • They can be radio-activated using a Fireco Transmitter, which checks the status of all the units for you. One transmitter can control up to 50 repeaters and 500 Dorgard Pro units through one system.


Dorgard SmartSound™

Fire Door Safety Products

Dorgard SmartSound is a wireless solution for legally holding open fire doors, automatically releasing them to close when a fire alarm sounds. SmartSound technology means the door units are not triggered by the noise of a vacuum cleaner.

The benefits of the Dorgard SmartSound are:

  • They have new SmartSound technology which is an audio filtering system which means they are not triggered by background noise such as vacuum cleaners
  • They come with a three-year warranty and a three-year battery life
  • They have anti-drag technology meaning they are carpet friendly, leaving no marks
  • Can be fitted to any door and installed in under 5 minutes
  • No programming, just fit and forget and simple LED status lights


How a Dorgard SmartSound unit works:

  • They are battery powered with Wireless technology
  • Fire doors can be held open at any angle
  • Responds when an alarm is activated
  • As soon as an alarm is activated, the plunger is released, and the door will close
  • Works with heavy fire doors (up to 160kg and 1600mm width)


Freedor Overhead Door Closer

Fire Door Safety Products

Freedor is an overhead door closer which makes opening and closing a fire door effortless. It is a wireless device which allows you to place your door open in any position and closes on the sound of the alarm. The closer is a free swing system which means the door is easy to push open without the usual resistance presented by a fire door closer.

The benefits of the Freedor Door Closer are:

  • They keep fire doors open at any angle
  • They have a wire-free technology, so there is no costly hard wiring required
  • Enables greater access throughout the building
  • Reduces risk of injury
  • No more struggling with heavy fire doors
  • Meets all regulatory requirements


How a Freedor Door Closer it works:

  • They are fitted to the top of any door and powered by batteries
  • They can be placed open at any angle giving ease of access
  • They continually listen for the sound of the fire alarm, once the alarm sounds, the door automatically closes.


The Freedor Overhead Door Closer is ideal in a care home setting. This device takes the weight out of traditional heavy fire doors, making them easier to open. Very useful for those individuals with reduced mobility. The Freedor Overhead Door Closer holds the door open at any angle, so residents can have the door open slightly or fully. With Freedor installed, the door will close on the sound of the fire alarm, so it will keep residents safe.

They are also suitable for use in other high footfall areas like schools and hospitals. Children and patients can move around more easily and they minimise the risk of injury from heavy fire doors closing too quickly.

To find out more about these Fireco products, why not book a free consultation and survey, call us on 0330 6600264 or email [email protected]