Fire Door Inspections: Internal Fire Doors prevent or slow down the spread of fire and smoke. They are vital to ensure occupants are given enough time to evacuate premises should a fire break out. It is also key that the emergency doors (final point of exit) are kept clear, in good working order and will open should the need arise. Just like any other form of fire safety equipment like fire extinguishers, fire blankets, fire alarms and emergency lighting, Fire Doors should be inspected on a regular basis.

Fire Door InspectionsHow Often Should Fire Door Inspections Take Place?

Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 Fire doors should be inspected and maintained once a year (6 monthly inspections are recommended for heavily used areas like schools and hospitals) to ensure they remain effective.

What is checked during Fire Door Inspections?

During Fire Door Inspections the following is checked:

  • Door frame and leaf
  • Self-closing door mechanism
  • Hinges
  • Intumescent door strip and cold smoke seals
  • Glazing (if present)
  • Handles and locks
  • Panic devices for external fire doors
  • Gaps around doors
  • Integrity of the door
  • Ensure the correct signage is used

FTS Safety Solutions provide a FDIS Certified Inspector for Fire Door Inspections. A full report is included and a certificate of conformity for each Fire Door is issued upon completed inspections.

How to book a Fire Door Inspection

It is useful for us to know at the point of your enquiry, how many Fire Doors you have on site, this will enable us to give you an accurate quotation to carry out the Fire Door Inspections. To book Fire Door Inspections please call us on 0330 6600264 or email us on [email protected]