Electrical Installation Condition Survey or Fixed Wire Testing FAQs

Below is a selection of the Frequently Asked Questions that arise about our fixed wire testing service. If you have a query which isn’t covered below, please contact us on 0330 6600264 or email [email protected]

What documents do you provide me with in your report?
What will fixed wire electrical testing and inspection of my premises cost?
Why do my electrics need testing?
Does my company need a Fixed Wire Test?
What are the requirements for my insurance?
I was told that I only need a part of the installation tested to meet my responsibility, is this true?
What will happen if I do not have electrical testing and inspection carried out?
We haven’t had electrical testing before, why do we suddenly need it now?
Whose responsibility is the electrical testing if the premises are rented or leased?
Will the power need to go off during testing and inspection?