Electrical Installation Condition Survey or Fixed Wire Testing FAQs

Below is a selection of the Frequently Asked Questions that arise about our fixed wire testing service. If you have a query which isn’t covered below, please contact us on 0330 6600264 or email [email protected]

What documents do you provide me with in your report?

Your report will consist of the following documentation: –

  • Periodic Inspection Report
  • Test Results
  • Detailed Circuit Assessment Sheets
  • Survey Report (General Site Faults)
  • Recommended Rectification Work
  • An Estimate for Rectification Work (if requested) 
What will fixed wire electrical testing and inspection of my premises cost?
It is impossible for us to give a set figure without further information. Generally, our costs are determined on a ‘per circuit’ rate, although factors such as condition and accessibility of premises and installations will also affect the overall estimate.
Why do my electrics need testing?
Defects in electrical circuits are not always obvious, and may not be identified without proper testing and inspection.  Without this, such defects will only come to light when an accident happens.
Does my company need a Fixed Wire Test?
In a word – yes, the two main dangers associated with electricity are the risk of shock and the possibility of fire. Over a period of time those risks are increased because installations deteriorate and it is in the best interests of not only yourself and your employees, but also your insurance company, that you have an installation that is not only electrically sound but also free from the risk of fire.
What are the requirements for my insurance?
Most insurance companies will require proof of testing.  In any event, in you have not had the electrics tested, and have therefore not maintained them in a safe condition, they will not pay out if an avoidable accident occurs as a result of this.
I was told that I only need a part of the installation tested to meet my responsibility, is this true?
This may be true IF you have previous full system records, the installation is in excellent condition, and no undocumented alterations have been carried out since the system was new or last tested.  In these circumstances ONLY, a percentage test can be carried out, and if no faults are identified, is sufficient.
What will happen if I do not have electrical testing and inspection carried out?
Apart from potentially increased maintenance time and costs, you will be liable, and your insurance probably worthless.
We haven’t had electrical testing before, why do we suddenly need it now?
Just because you have not had electrical testing and inspection carried out before doesn’t mean that it was not a requirement.  The responsibility to maintain electrical systems in a safe condition was clarified by the Electricity at Work Regulations in 1989, so it is not a sudden need.
Whose responsibility is the electrical testing if the premises are rented or leased?
It should be specified in the lease as to who is responsible
Will the power need to go off during testing and inspection?
Most of the testing is carried out ‘live’, but each circuit will need to be switched off for a short period of time.  We will work around your routines and schedules to make this as convenient as possible – we offer weekend and ‘out of hours’ work to accommodate this.