Fire Risk Assessments FAQs

We received a number of frequently asked questions about our Fire Risk Assessments service, here are the answers to the most popular ones. If you have queries not covered in this section please feel free to contact us on 0330 6600264 or email [email protected]

Why are fire risk assessments now required?
Why are flats and apartments required to have a fire risk assessment?
Who is responsible for implementing the initial Fire Risk Assessment process?
Who is responsible if there are a number of organisations or owners within the same building?
Who has the right to view a fire risk assessment report?
Who can carry out the practical Fire Risk Assessment and inspection?
How long does Fire Risk Assessment report last?
What does a Fire Risk Assessment involve?
What if a fire risk assessment inspection and report is not undertaken, who is responsible, and what are the implications?
What key points should the Fire Risk Assessment cover?