Emergency Lighting Inspections FAQs

Emergency Lighting kicks in when the rest of the power goes out enabling safe exit of the building, here are a selection of the frequently asked questions we receive about emergency lighting inspections. If you have a query not answered in this section, please contact us on 0330 6600264 or email [email protected]

What documents do you provide me with?
You will be provided with a Certificate of Inspection which will include a schedule of Luminaires.
What does an Emergency Lighting Inspections cost?
This is variable depending on the size of the installation and the number of components.
What do you check as part of the Emergency Lighting?
We check that there is sufficient emergency lighting installed and that it all works as it should in the event of a power outage.
How often should the Emergency Lighting system be checked?
As per the guidelines issued by BSI (BS 5266 Parts 1 to 10), emergency lighting systems should have a full test carried out annually by a competent engineer.
What might happen if my Emergency Lighting system is not tested?
If your emergency lighting system develops a fault, this will not be apparent without proper testing until they are unavailable in a power outage situation, so possibly nothing will happen.  However, if accidents or injuries occur that can be attributed to a deficiency of emergency lighting in a power outage situation, you will be found negligent and your insurance invalid.