Frequently asked questions: we have heard them all! From the sublime to the downright technical. One of the most recent questions, was also one of the funniest. I was asked whilst standing next to the work van – you know the one sign written with our services listed on it, a chap asked; ‘Do you service Fire Extinguishers?’ Of course I was far too polite to ‘hit him over the head’ with the faux pas nor did I point out that seeing as I was holding two it would be a rather safe bet. As a wise man once said: there is no such thing as a stupid question – especially if it results in new business for us!

To make it easier to find the answers you require we have split the FAQs into service related pages:

Should you have a query that does not appear in these FAQs or you would like further clarification on a point then please call 0330 6600264 or email [email protected]