Basic Electrical Safety in the Workplace — 2 Comments

  1. What would be a possible out come?

    A burglar alarm unit of which is supplied by a 240 AC power supply. Via a 16 amp MCB in industrial board
    The alarm has 12 volt operating system and a 12 volt 17 Ah a lead acid back up battery incase of power cut.
    In theory what is the possibility of a fire braking out within the alarm if 240volts was to short accross the 12 volt circuits and the battery.
    It was also a known fact that the alarm had previously been shorted out by water and had rendered the alarm to operate and sound and not be able to be turned off.when it previously shorted out it never tripped the MCB nor did it blow the fuse in the fused spur.

    • In this instance, it is impossible for me to comment as I have not inspected the item or the premises. I recommend, if this has caused a fire that you seek advice from the fire brigade, who undoubtedly will conduct their own investigation. Andrew Mitchell.

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