Thermal Imaging, also known as infrared thermography, uses the Infra-red spectrum to analyse and provide data for use in carrying out safety checks and identifying any potential problems. Carried out by our trained staff using infrared cameras which detect changes in temperature, the cameras produce a series of thermal patterns which are shown in the images.

Thermal Image surveys are becoming more common as a diagnosis and fault finding tool. The surveys are a non-contact technology that measure infrared wavelengths to determine temperatures from a safe distance. This makes it quick and easy to visually check surface temperature and to help identify hot spots which often indicate the existence of problems. In basic terms, it means looking for temperature differences, or hot spots. A Thermal Imaging Surveys of electrical equipment, or an electrical system, would normally be looking for heat build-up that could cause a problem.

Thermal Imaging Surveys

Thermal Imaging Surveys

These surveys can be used for preventative maintenance as the images can pinpoint faults in seconds, well before they could cause a costly breakdown or fire. This allows for maintenance to be scheduled and the necessary repairs before catastrophic failure, generally saving far more than the cost of the survey.

More and more commercial and industrial properties are now being asked for a thermal survey to comply with insurance policy requirements. A Thermal survey can be used in conjunction with a traditional Electrical inspection and test report to give a full picture of your electrical installation.

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